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We have a variety of swimming lessons in Salisbury, Wiltshire our STA qualified swimming teachers run lessons in two pools at Salisbury District Hospital. We teach babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers (aged 0 – 4) across these swimming pools. All of our Baby Squids have lots of fun, learn important water safety skills whilst following our structured and progressive milestones programme.

Salisbury toddler swimming pool

Salisbury Hospital

Spinal Pool

Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP2 8BJ

Fantastic hydrotherapy pool heated to 34C

   Mon AM, Sat PM, Sun PM

Salisbury Hospital Staff Club Swimming Pool

Salisbury Hospital

Odstock Health & Fitness

Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP2 8BJ

Warm water, good sized pool great for toddlers

   Wed AM, Fri AM

ford private pool near salisbury

Ford Private Pool

near Salisbury

Ford, Wiltshire, SP4 6DR

Private pool, small class sizes

   Tue AM

south newton hospital swimming pool

South Newton

Hospital Pool

Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP2 0QD

Lovely small pool heated to 31C

   Sat AM, Sun AM

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Baby Squid playing on woggle

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Book up for a course of lessons and if after your first class you decide it’s not for you we offer a full refund to all new customers.

It’s a chance for you to meet the team and enjoy a Splash, Kick and Swim the Baby Squids way.

Baby Squids swim in Wiltshire

Our entire mission at Baby Squids is about offering fun and progressive swimming classes, whilst being as flexible as we can. We know that from newborn through to school age, your child develops very fast, hence our Wiltshire baby swimming lessons are built around four major Milestones, specific to their current age and ability. We love it when babies attend from birth, but we welcome all abilities and love it you join our Wiltshire children’s swimming classes at any point during the middle of a term (remember we pride ourselves on being flexible!). We like to work together with parents and carers to build your child’s swimming skills and confidence, and are more than happy to talk through any specific concerns you may have before joining us.

child swimming with woggle
wimproving swimming with fun techniques

We love fun swim classes

Underwater swimming is a part of what we teach, but it is not our main focus. Our primary goal is to improve water skills in a fun way using songs, games, toys and working with parents. The use of word cues and memory is an important factor, encouraging babies and toddlers to kick, paddle, swim, jump and turn to the side and hold on, all very important water safety basics. Our Wiltshire baby and toddler swimming classes have a capacity of eight children and the preschool classes a maximum of 4-6. The group environment encourages social interaction and lots of fun but classes are kept small enough to ensure plenty of attention from the instructor. Our baby swimming lessons in Salisbury are particularly good because they’re lovely warm water pools, perfect for children to learn to swim.

Swimming lessons for 0 – 18 months

Our Wiltshire newborn swimming lessons (for the 0 – 18 month age range) focus on both parent and baby learning to be confident in the water. We will show you a number of holds and different activities using fun games, toys, and songs. Through our use of word cues, your child will rapidly develop an understanding of how to be safe in the water. At eighteen months a lot of the newborn babies we teach are happy to swim underwater, as well as listen and act on cues such as hold on to pool-side, or exit via the steps and jumping in with support whilst laughing hysterically! All of our swimming pools are specially chosen for children’s swimming lessons in Wiltshire, they have perfect pool depth for parent and baby swimming, and are lovely and warm.

swimming lessons for babies
swimming lessons for toddlers

Swimming lessons for toddlers

As babies become toddlers, their brains and development is moving at a million miles an hour! Our focus turns towards instructing the different movements required for swimming and staying afloat. This includes covers how to kick, how to get in and out of the pool safely and how to use their arms to make a paddling movement (or “Raah” like a lion!) At this development stage, it’s absolutely key to keep swimming on a regular basis. Our classes, continue to be lots of fun, we encourage chasing their favourite toys around the pool, use of balls, and jumping off floats. We know how important it is that swimming is considered fun and you will both learn lots about safety exercises along the way.

Swimming lessons for 3 – 4 year olds

At three years and up, we talk to parents about swim classes becoming more independent, as Mum or Dad will tend to be poolside rather than in the pool. This is an unhurried process and we talk openly and honestly with parents on the best time to do this. Our focus at this point is swimming independently and building on the water safety skills developed so far. Water confidence is of course still important and for many, they do not start to attend swimming lessons until this age. So we of course continue to build confidence by playing games and ensuring that the words swimming and fun go hand in hand.

preschool swimming classes

So if you’re looking for fun children’s swimming lessons in Wiltshire then get in touch!

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