Catch-up Policy

At Baby Squids, we do our best to be flexible and ensure our customers get value for money from their swimming classes. We understand that from time to time customers cannot make classes at short notice due to sickness or that they have holidays planned in. We run a catch-up system which allows each customer one catchup class per term if they cannot make it to a class. We do our best to find you an alternative swimming class to attend if you have to miss your regular class for any reason.
However, if we cannot fit you in for an alternative class it is not the case that we ‘owe’ you a class as we still have to pay our pool and teacher costs whether you choose to attend or not.


Here are a few points to help our catchup system run smoothly and enable us to be able to continue to offer the service (unlike other leading swim schools!!!)


– Don’t email us or phone us. Fill in the Catch-up Form. This form has been designed to capture all the information we need in order to be able to offer you, suitable alternative classes, & provide this service efficiently.


– Please let us know in advance if you know you will be unable to attend a class. Please fill in the Catch-up Form. We give priority to customers who give us prior notice.


– Please give us as much notice as possible of classes that you know you will be unable to make due to holidays (even if several weeks away) as there is a greater chance of us being able to find you an alternative the more notice we have.


– If we cannot offer you a date there and then your name will be kept on a list of people waiting for a catch-up and we will let you know as and when space is available.


– We will offer spaces based on the information you have given us. Please confirm if you can take the space within 48 hours, otherwise, we will offer out to other customers who require a catchup.


– Please also note that the class you are offered will probably not be at the same stage in the 5-7 week term as that you have missed. All of our venues run their programmes simultaneously although on different days; consequently, you may be offered a class one or two weeks before/after that of the one you have missed. Our main objective is to offer your child the opportunity to catch up on some structured pool time with us.


– Catch up classes cannot be rolled over to the following term.


– We will offer a maximum of 1 catch up class per half term per child.


– We do everything possible to arrange to catch up classes but we cannot guarantee them.


Many thanks for your help in enabling us to keep this flexible offering going forward.