What is your policy on photographing my child?

What is your policy on photographing my child?

We understand that parents like to take photos of or video record their children. This is a normal part of family life, and we will not discourage parents from celebrating their child’s success.

Baby Squids will not allow others to photograph or film children during a Baby Squids class without the parent’s permission.

If you wish to take photos of your child during classes please ask your teacher who will address the whole class.

Baby Squids will not allow images of children to be used on our website, publicity, or press releases, without express permission from the parent, and if we do obtain such permission, we will not identify individual children by name.

Baby Squids cannot however be held accountable for photographs or video footage taken by parents but the teacher will explain to all parents that we will allow photographs to be taken on the basis that no one else including the teacher will appear in photos on social media.

Employees of Baby Squids may take photographs of children whilst engaged in Baby Squids activities for teaching purposes; for assessment purposes or as a means of celebrating success within Baby Squids. Verbal permission will be asked prior to any photos being taken.

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