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Laura Skilton | Baby Paddlers Founder

Meet the founder


I’m Laura and I founded Baby Squids (previously known as Baby Paddlers) in 2012. I was frustrated trying to find good quality swim classes for my own young children and attended several swimming classes, but felt they lacked flexibility, friendliness and fun. So I decided to start my own swimming teaching business!

My personal experiences and values have shaped the Baby Squids approach to teaching children to swim. I believe that your child should be at the heart of everything we do. At Baby Squids we want to help children to build a lifelong love of swimming. We teach your child to be water confident through games and engaging activities, always striving to make it fun for both parents and children.


Our swimming classes are designed to provide a great opportunity for you to bond with your child and are open to children right the way through from birth to 4 years of age.


Baby Squids have a love and passion for the water, and want to share that. Our teachers are passionate about developing your child’s skills and confidence, and we welcome your input and feedback as we travel on the Baby Squids journey together. It goes without saying that all our staff are fully qualified swim teachers, but it is also important that they have empathy, provide you with a warm welcome at every class and support you and your child to get the most out of your Baby Squids experience.

Baby Paddlers Rebrand


2019 is an exciting time for us here, as Baby Paddlers relaunched under our new brand Baby Squids’ in April.

This year we are taking our fun, friendly children’s swimming teaching courses national, and we now have franchise opportunities available across the UK!

Moving from a regional to a national brand has given us the opportunity to create a new, stand-out brand identity that sits over our unique milestones programme, and introduces our new cute and totally loveable baby sea creature characters.

Baby Squids is still a family-owned and run business, with a passion for fun and safety in the water at its heart, but now YOU can be a part of it too! Find out more about our franchise opportunities here.

Fun and friendly swimming classes

Our promise to you


We’d like to share our values with you, our teachers are recruited to be as awesome as they can be………and our promise to you is that we will be:




We promise to always be open and honest about how your child is moving forward. Your child’s safety is our foremost priority.




We promise to find the answer to your questions even if we don’t know it, we are here to support you.




We promise to teach your child in a positive fun way so that they love swimming as much as we do.




We promise to help you and your child to progress through the Baby Squids milestones at a pace that is right for your child.




We promise to make our swim classes fun, exciting and enjoyable for all! With songs, games and lots of laughter!




We promise to support you every step of the way, even if your child has water wobbles we’ll be there to encourage them.

Welcome to Baby Squids!




Baby Squids Founder

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