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Baby Paddlers are STA Swim Star Swim Schools!

Baby Paddlers are STA Swim Star Swim Schools!

As you will know if you swam with us, at Baby Paddlers our top priority is the quality of our swimming lessons. This ensures that all our children are always learning according to their developmental stage and having lots of fun. All our teachers are as qualified as they possibly can be, and continuous professional development is high on our agenda.

Baby Paddlers has a strong partnership with the STA (Swimming Teacher’s Association). The STA is the world’s largest independent swimming teaching and lifesaving organisation, and delivers the highest quality training across four key areas – Swimming Teaching, Lifesaving, First Aid and Leisure Management.

So, we are thrilled that Baby Paddlers high standards have been independently assessed and have now been signed up to the STA Swim Star Schools programme.


The STA Swim Star programme is the first of its kind and has been developed with the primary goal being to help independent swimming schools such as Baby Paddlers achieve the highest standards of teaching.

To be accepted as an STA Swim Star Swim School, Baby Paddlers have completed an online audit to ensure we adhere to minimum standards; and we have demonstrated that we are actively progressing towards STAmark, a quality accreditation process.

So when you and your child come swimming with Baby Paddlers you can be sure that quality is at the heart of what we do. We aim to ensure that both parent and child have as enjoyable and safe a time as possible, and that progressive swimming teaching ensures that children build their water confidence right through to excellent swimming skills.