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Charity Santa Swim

Charity Santa Swim

I’m really pleased that we are able to do the Santa swim this Christmas. The Brain Tumour Research charity got in contact with me to see if we might be interested and I jumped at the chance! I have some personal reasons for wanting to help out.

Last year my father in law passed away very suddenly following a brain haemorrhage, the results of which on our whole family have been heartbreaking and difficult to come to terms with. Grief poses a different dynamic on every area of family life and it opens up conversations you never thought you would have. It makes family occasions emotional and Christmas/birthdays can be really hard.

Through my experiences over the last 6 years working with parents and children plus my volunteering with the NCT I have come across many tragic situations which have hugely impacted many parents. All these are emotional black holes for the people they impact, no one can tell you how to cope and survive when your experiences are not the happy and wonderful life that is so easily portrayed on social media these days. I most certainly have to remind myself how lucky I am so that I am not constantly shouting at my kids to “put their shoes on!”.

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Where will your money go?

Brain tumours are indiscriminate; they can affect anyone at any age. What’s more, they kill more children and adults under the age of 40 than any other cancer… yet just 1% of the national spend on cancer research has been allocated to this terrible disease.

Brain Tumour Research is determined to change this. They are building a network of experts in sustainable research at dedicated Centres of Excellence whilst influencing the Government and larger cancer charities to invest more nationally.  They are the only national charity in the UK that is dedicated to raising funds for continuous and sustainable scientific research into brain tumours and are a leading voice calling for greater support and action for research into what scientists are calling the last battleground against cancer.

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What is the Santa Swim I hear you ask?!?

Just a bit of fun! During the week of 15th to 22nd December we will be donning the Santa hats, tinsel toys will come out to play, and all your favourite Christmas songs with a swimming twist will part of the fun! No expectation for your child to swim 100 metres for charity! Just us creating some extra special Christmassy classes, spread a bit of joy and hope you will be able to donate a small amount to a fabulous charity!

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I hope that my awesome teachers and customers can make a small dent in helping someone somewhere and support this charity and more in the future. Please donate to our cause, it could just be that extra present which a lot of children probably don’t really need…….just £2 a family will help us hit our target.

My love and hope goes out to all who are suffering at this poignant time of year. May your loved ones give you some joy to move away from the dark times.

And here’s to a lovely Christmas with your gorgeous children, we are so lucky to be allowed to teach them for half an hour a week! We love our job and hope you have a brilliant Santa Swim.


Laura x