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Water related fun for you children this summer

Water related fun for you children this summer

Summer is fast approaching and you’ll probably want to start filling up the schedule of things to do to keep them on their toes, and to wear them out enough to give you a good night’s sleep.

We’ve collected a handful of water based fun for your active little people.

  1. Fun swim sessions at your local pool

Most pools will have fun swim sessions over the Summer holidays. This often includes floats and inflatables. Fun sessions are a great chance to get your children confident in the water and to help them socialise with others their own age outside of school.  It’s also a chance to practice what they’ve learnt in their Baby Paddlers lessons ready for next term.

  1. Paddle in the sea

The sea can be cold this time of year, but with summer just around the corner and a seaside not far from most places, it’s the ideal way to spend a hot sunny day. You may decide to get your child a wetsuit so that they are warmer in the water if they decide they want you to take them paddling or swimming.

  1. Try some water sports

If your child is a stronger swimmer then you could take them to a taster session of one of many water sports. This can range from surfing lessons all the way through to kayaking. These can be a fun way to keep your child active, having fun and trying something new. It’s also a great way to spend some quality parent time with your children.

  1. A trip to a sea life centre or aquarium

Show your little paddlers how the animals that live in the deep blue sea live and swim. It’s fun, educational and helps to make your children passionate about the water.

Happy adventures, and have a great summer everyone!