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Why I love teaching children to swim!

Why I love teaching children to swim!

There are lots of reasons why I love my job so much but this is definitely the best bit. I received the below letter from a long standing customer today totally out of the blue. Has made my day 🙂

Alfie started classes when I was still teaching in the New Forest back in 2012 and has barely had a week out of lessons since. He’s been through the toddler stages where he wasn’t playing ball (and wouldn’t go on his back!) and his mum and dad have kept his swimming up and most importantly kept it fun. There is nothing better than receiving a letter like this, I hope you all enjoy reading it AND look at him SWIMMING! He’s just turned three!

Well done Alfie, well done Charlie and Rich and well done Nadina! And thank you as without awesome customers I would not be doing what I love!


Hi Laura.

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all that you and Nadina do at Baby Paddlers. As you know we are away in Greece at the moment and I am amazed at how confident Alfie is in the water.

When he’s got his arm bands on, he’s off on his own. He swims the 40m to the other end of the pool by himself!! We also went out on a boat the other day and he decided he wanted to jump off the back just like daddy and launched himself 1.5m into the sea!! I couldn’t believe it. I thought he might come up crying but he didn’t. All he said was ‘again,again’!!

We were also in the pool a few days ago and he found a snorkel. I wasn’t sure whether I should be introducing something to him that encourages him to breathe underwater but he was quite insistent! After a couple of tries he was swimming away for 3 or 4 minutes at a time – amazed that I could hear his breath. Added to that, he is mastering swimming on his back and big digger arms!!

You can certainly see the difference in both the confidence and ability of this child who have had swimming lessons and those who haven’t. We’ve had so many people commenting on how confident and happy he is, especially with putting his face in the water.

Here are a few videos of his enjoying himself!


Great jump and great swimming!

Great work on the back ?