Why teach your child to swim?

Some people don’t put much importance on learning to swim from a young age but there are so many benefits to starting swimming lessons with your baby or toddler! It’s not only fun but also an essential life skill so it is good to get started from a young age.

Water confidence and safety are two of the most important reasons as it is so reassuring to parents if their child knows how to be safe around water! Our lessons not only teach babies and toddlers how to have fun in the water, but there is also a big focus on how to be safe in the water; from learning how to hold on to the side of the pool, to swimming from underwater back to the surface.

Mum bonding with child swimming

Swimming is also a great way to bond and have fun with your child. Understandably it can feel quite daunting to some new parents taking their child into the water for the first time, but our lessons are all about having fun, so when you see them enjoying being in the water you will as well. It is not uncommon for parent’s to be fearful of water or not to be able to swim themselves, but that shouldn’t be a reason to stop you taking them to classes, as our teachers will be able to support you on how to hold your child safely and give you the confidence needed to take your little ones swimming.

mum and baby swimming smiling

As well as the obvious benefits, swimming is also proven to help with children’s development outside of the water. It can help build a child’s physical strength and balance, as well improve things you would have thought unrelated to swimming such as their speech.

And possibly the biggest benefit of all is sleep! Swimming helps to promote better sleeping patterns in children, and whilst it isn’t going to miraculously make your baby sleep through the night, the exercise will make them sleepier which in turn will aid a good nights sleep – and I think it’s safe to say that all parents need more of that!

These reasons combined with the feeling of seeing the excitement on your child’s face after their first splash or their first solo swim, are why it’s so good to get your child in the pool as soon as possible.

child learning to swim with mum
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