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Winter Swimming Tips

Winter Swimming Tips

Swimming during the cold weather is really good for you both physically and mentally. It’s easy to stay inside by the fire (or radiator!) while it’s cold, wet and frosty outdoors, but getting into a warm pool can be lovely and refreshing, and any type of exercise can help boost your immune system.

We’ve outlined some tips below for swimming during the winter months. We’re pretty sure these will help make your Baby Paddlers classes easier, less stressful, and ultimately more fun!

– Keeping dry is obviously key! Making sure your child is completely dry after their swim lesson is probably the most important yet obvious point. Ensure you take a big fluffy towel to your lessons, and be sure to dry the hair and those bits you can’t see

– Bring a hat! When your baby get outside in the cold, wet hair doesn’t feel nice, and although it won’t give them a cold, it isn’t something they need experience! A nice warm hat is an easy solution to this problem

– Warm clothing for when you get outside, even if only a quick run to the car is a very good idea!

– Our ears collect water whilst swimming, and unless we drain it, this can stay in there. So ensuring the ear canal isn’t wet is also very important. Simply dry the ear canal by gently tipping the head to one side and then the other to allow natural drainage. Ear infections aren’t nice and can lead to a high temperature, irritability, poor feeding and restlessness at night-time as well as an earache.

– If you go on holiday during winter and there’s the opportunity to go swimming, make sure your little one is always safe and happy in the water