Baby Swimming Benefits

At Baby Squids we regard baby swimming as a fantastic experience for all involved; parents, children and teachers. As well as being a skill that may one day save a life, there are a myriad of benefits of starting your baby swimming from an early age

Huge Health Benefits

Baby swimming promotes cardiovascular health and lung capacity through the workout it provides, as well as furthering brain development. And you may not realise it, but for our “parent and baby” classes the parent gets a good work-out too! Each 30 minute session can burn up to 300 calories.

Water Safety

Water safety techniques are taught from birth. Although most children can’t swim independently until 3-4 years old (though some do earlier!), they will learn to turn, get to the side, hold on, climb out – all skills which could one day save your child’s life.

Assists Movement

Helps babies to move from reflex to voluntary movements, the water helps with improving their balance & co-ordination.

Builds Strength

Strengthens the body through stretching and toning exercise; the natural resistance that water provides helps babies and toddlers that swim to build fantastic control of their muscles.

Stimulates the Senses

Baby swimming stimulates all five senses (sound, sight, touch, smell and taste) – our parents have often said how swimming stimulates their child’s appetite and helps with their sleep patterns.

Parent and Child Bonding

Unique time for parent and child bonding, lots of parents talk to us about how special their time in the water is with their baby, and how the regular weekly structure

Increases Confidence

Increases confidence, both in the water and out. Our lessons are quite sociable so it gives your little one a chance to make friends with others their own age. Primarily though baby swimming lessons will significantly increase your child’s water confidence.

Other Opportunities

Swimming lessons for baby opens up a wide array of other water sports and opportunities, and we hope to inspire a lifetime of sporting prowess!

Sociable and Fun!

Baby swimming is a great social experience which we offer on a weekly basis, for both parents and children to meet new friends and like-minded people. Most importantly we do all this whilst having lots of fun!