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Southampton General Hospital

Baby swimming lessons in Southampton

Baby Squids Southampton

Our Southampton General Hospital baby swimming lessons are located in a fabulous hydrotherapy pool in the Therapy Department on B level, West Wing, Southampton General Hospital, Tremona Road, Southampton, SO16 6YD.

Parking is not restricted on the local roads on Sundays, making things easy. If you would prefer to park in the hospital car park, it is much quieter at weekends too so you should have no problems.

Warm, cosy pool

The pool has stepped entry and is kept at about 34 degrees – perfect for newborn babies. No wetsuit required! A couple of benches are also provided for spectators at the poolside meaning another family member can watch and share the swim memories with you and your little one. 

This is a lovely cosy pool with large private changing areas and showers available. We have a maximum of 4 parent and child pairs in classes, meaning you receive a lovely personalised experience.


Southampton General Hospital Hydrotherapy Pool
Southampton General Hospital Hydrotherapy Pool

Course dates and times

All the below term dates are confirmed and will be taking place at Southampton General Hospital.  Swimming classes are 30 minutes & run consecutively in the time slots below. Children will go into the most appropriate class dependent upon your child’s age and experience.

Find the pool

Southampton General Hospital, Hydrotherapy Pool, Therapy Department on B level, Tremona Road, Southampton, SO16 6YD

For post swim refreshments and a chat with swim friends there are a range of shops and cafes open all weekend within the hospital by following the main entrance, including M&S Cafe, Costa, and Subway.

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About the pool

We love Southampton General Hospital because it’s a lovely warm hydrotherapy pool, heated to 34C, with small class sizes and conveniently located for our customers!

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Try for free

Book up for a course of lessons and if after your first class you decide it’s not for you we offer a full refund to all new customers.

It’s a chance for you to meet the team and enjoy a Splash, Kick and Swim the Baby Squids way.

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Baby Squids Southampton

These lessons are run by Baby Squids Southampton. Click here to find out about the Southampton team, other lessons they offer, and contact details.
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What everyone is saying

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My little boy absolutely loves his Baby Squids classes and he’s now so confident in the water. All the teachers are fantastic and always bring so much fun. I think it’s such a valuable way to spend some quality time together each week and would definitely recommend! Helen Marsden – Southampton, Hampshire


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Since starting Baby Squids nearly a year ago, my son has just loved it. He looks forward to swimming every week and often talks about it to other family members. He’s so confident in the water now, and I’m really impressed with how well he’s done. All the instructors we have seen have been excellent – friendly, happy and they really enjoy helping the children to swim. Aimee Ellis – Southampton

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I have been taking my son Arlo to baby squids since before he was one and he is now 3 and a half. Emma is an absolutely fantastic teacher. She is so patient and enthusiastic about what she does and Arlo is always so excited to be in the water. My son has ASD and Emma is so inclusive and goes above and beyond to make sure that he feels comfortable. She made visual support cards for him too! I now take my three month old daughter Maeve and I cannot think of anywhere else for her swimming journey to begin. Thank you for everything Emma! Anisha Keane – Southampton, Hampshire

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Our child-led approach is key to independence at their own pace.

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