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Baby Swimming Salisbury – New Classes start after Xmas 2015!

Baby Swimming Salisbury – New Classes start after Xmas 2015!

I’m very pleased to confirm that we have some new Salisbury baby swimming classes starting after Xmas! We are absolutely thrilled to be starting swimming lessons in Salisbury! We have been trying very hard to find a suitable location to start some classes, as we’ve known Wiltshire and in particular Salisbury has been in slow supply of quality newborn swim classes, and there’s a huge demand. We’re offering a free trial during the first few weeks whilst the classes build up numbers, so if you’re interested please get in touch! Take a look here for more for info on our award winning classes: Salisbury Swimming Classes.

Click here to learn more about our swimming classes and what we do.

We will be  teaching newborn swimming lessons in two different pools. Swim classes will run on Wednesday and Friday mornings at Salisbury Staff Club pool, and then on Sunday afternoons and Monday mornings at Salisbury hydrotherapy spinal pool. All of our swimming lessons run in half term blocks, so are typically 5 – 8 weeks long, depending on how the school calendar falls.

The Spinal pool is a beautiful warm hydrotherapy pool, absolutely perfect for babies from 1 day old  right through until they start Year R of primary school! Our classes follow the Milestones Awards programme which ensures that all children progress from being a Splasher through to Swimmer in a progressive and structured way whilst also ensuring the focus on having lots of fun!

Our Salisbury baby swimming classes are perfect for those in Salisbury, Andover, Fordingbridge, Downton, Shrewton and surrounding villages. If interested please email us on or call us on 01962 680236 if interested

Can’t wait to get jump in and get started. Look forward to seeing some smiley faces joining us after the Christmas break 🙂

Many thanks