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Why our Customers LOVE Baby Swimming

Why our Customers LOVE Baby Swimming

One of our customers offered to write a review for our blog, and we were delighted to receive the below from Lindsay. This is unedited and this is exactly why Baby Paddlers started in the first place! Thank you Lindsay for taking the time to write this x

Baby Paddlers…Why them?…Who’s it for?…Is it worth it?

Review written by Lindsay Reeves from Andover, Hampshire

Ok, let’s tackle the parts one by one. Why Baby Paddlers? As a first time Mum to a beautiful baby girl named Amelie, I had very little knowledge of baby groups and the people running them. I knew I loved to swim and hoped that Amelie would develop that same love too. So, I signed up for swimming classes. NOT with Baby Paddlers. Excitedly, I purchased the wet suit and swim nappy and headed to the pool. I can safely say that I came out of that pool feeling completely disheartened, under confident and with a screaming baby in tow. The instructor hadn’t cared enough to listen to me and I was never taking Amelie swimming again.

I shared my horrible experience with a friend who said ‘You should try the group that I go to, they’re lovely’. So, not wanting to give up, and understanding how important it was for Amelie to develop a sense of water safety, I contacted Baby Paddlers. I explained how nervous I was and the apprehension that I now felt towards swimming and immediately I received a supportive email introducing me to a wonderful team. Our first session at Norton Park was fabulous. Full of the fun, singing, laughter and enjoyment that I thought baby swimming sessions would be. The instructor, Alex was welcoming and kind and really took the time to get to know the babies. There was no pressure, no competition, just fun and most importantly…Amelie had a huge smile on her face!

Baby Paddlers is for everyone! By this I mean, it’s not just for the babies. Of all the baby groups I’ve been to, this is the one that I look forward to the most. It has allowed me to strengthen my relationship with Amelie, but also to create new friendships. Through Baby Paddlers I have made some amazing friends and we meet for coffee after every session. It’s perfect. The babies are usually so tired from all the fun that they fall asleep, and we catch up on all things baby (you know the kind of thing…why won’t my baby nap anymore? Why won’t they eat the food I give them? Why do they only want me in the middle of the night and not their father?…). Baby Paddlers has been an amazing platform for providing that essential network of support and I know that these fellow Mums will be lifelong friends.

Is it worth it? Simply, yes. I can literally see Amelie learning water safety. She’s developing the foundations of swimming every session and I now possess the confidence and skills to help her to maintain them. She loves swimming and I love taking her. We’ve just signed up for our third term at Norton Park, Winchester and would happily sign up for a fourth and fifth! I highly recommend Baby Paddlers and would like to say a huge thank you to all of the team for the wonderful experiences that we are having.

Lindsay Reeves


Lindsay, Amelie and Friends!