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Swimming on Holiday

Swimming on Holiday

The sun is shining! Hooray! It’s getting to that time of year again when people will start going away on their holidays. Whether you are off to a sunny destination abroad with an outdoor pool, or camping in the UK with a heated indoor pool, swimming and water usually play a big part in people’s holidays. I think this is a FANTASTIC opportunity and here is why!!

Swimming as a family is a lovely activity to enjoy together. If you are usually sat poolside watching pre-schoolers, or your partner usually takes your baby swimming, then it’s a great opportunity for both parents to be in the water.

Babies and children love to mirror, so if you have older siblings you usually see the youngest trying to copy the oldest child, or even a parent. So paddling, jumping in, going under and swimming around the pool can really help them progress.

Toddlers and Pre-schoolers love to show parents what they can do, so spend time getting them to show you what they do in their lessons. Paddling/digging arms, kicking, swimming on woggles, back swimming…….let them show off and give them lots of praise for their efforts and achievements.

Happy holidays!