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New Mum, New Swimming Teacher

New Mum, New Swimming Teacher

I’ve recently qualified as a baby and toddler swimming teacher and I am loving it. As someone who is passionate about what they do, I am looking forward to this new challenge.

Since becoming a Mum, it was important to me that my children to learn to swim as both my husband and I are confident in the water. Baby Paddlers classes offer exactly what we were looking for; a fun and friendly class that made us as parents feel confident to get our baby into the water, in a safe environment. It seemed like a great opportunity for Daddy to spend some quality time with his baby, whilst helping her learn and build confidence in the water – and for me to have 30 minutes rest!

We started classes with our baby when she was 7 weeks old, as the pool was warm enough for her to start at such a young age. She slept the whole way through her first lesson, which she obviously found relaxing! Learning how to hold her in the water, meant that as our baby grew, so did our confidence. In the first few lessons I worried about submerging her however, I felt reassured that what we were being taught was how to help my baby enjoy and play in the water safely.

Since I have trained as a teacher, my knowledge has expanded significantly. I now understand that submersions aren’t just “dunking your baby” but teaching them how to hold their breath if they fall in, and how to swim to the surface. Furthermore, becoming a baby and toddler swim teacher has taught me how our babies body works, such as the natural reflexes that help our babies not just survive but thrive. I had heard of the “gag reflex” but I wasn’t aware that it also worked with liquids, not just solids! The most important thing I have learnt is how to read when a baby is happy in the water, and I can understand when a baby has learnt a cue and is ready for a submersion.

Now that I am a baby swim teacher I think I can really understand what our babies learn and can see how beneficial swimming with your child is. I would recommend that all parents take their children swimming – it’s a lot more than just fun!

Emily Tomasso

New Mum and New Swim Teacher Extraordinaire, teaching toddler swimming lessons near me,  around Southampton, Winchester and Bishops Waltham