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New Lessons coming to Basingstoke and Leatherhead

New Lessons coming to Basingstoke and Leatherhead

Two blogs in a week! Wow I am impressing myself 🙂

Hot on the heels of our new franchisee Jenna joining in West Dorset and Yeovil, I am thrilled to share some more awesome news with you – Hannah Melrose our new Baby Squids Franchisee in Surrey and North Hampshire is launching swimming lessons in Basingstoke at both the Hampshire Court Hotel and Basingstoke Hospital ! To find out more about our swimming lessons in Basingstoke please take a look at the location page, also check out our swimming lessons at Hampshire Court Hotel.

Not only that, but Hannah also has brand new classes coming to Leatherhead to compliment the classes we have had running in Cranleigh for a few years. Check out all the swimming lessons in Surrey that we have. 

All three of these new venues are starting classes in mid January 2024.

Hannah comments below: “Through my involvement with Baby Squids, I find fulfillment in my enthusiasm for early childhood education and my dedication to supporting families. Each session offers an excellent opportunity for you to connect with your little one, and our program is accessible to children from birth up to 4 years old. Witnessing the sheer delight on children’s faces during our engaging and imaginative sessions, along with the joy and pride parents express as their child attains new learning milestones, is an absolute joy and honor.

I am profoundly committed to nurturing your child’s abilities and self-assurance in the water. I embrace and welcome your contributions as parents, as we embark on the Baby Squids journey together, ensuring that your child cultivates a lifelong passion for swimming.”

We can’t wait to get started!

Laura x


As of 14th June 2024, we now also run Farnham swimming lessons and Farnborough swimming lessons as we continue to grow!