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Everlast Gym St Helens Milverny

Baby swimming in St Helens, Merseyside

Baby Squids St Helens

Our preschool and baby swimming lessons in St Helens are conveniently located at Ravenhead retail park, Milverny Way. Great location within easy walking distance of lots of shops and cafes and tonnes of free parking. Easily accessible from nearby St Helens, Rainhill, Prescot, and Haydock.

Small, intimate lessons

A lovely gym pool heated to 29 degrees; for babies under 12 months we recommend they wear a wet suit. The pool depth is 4ft across the whole pool so perfect for young children’s swimming lessons. There are large changing rooms for both males and females with plenty of benches and locker space. There’s also a family changing room with a baby changing table.
St helens Everlast gym swimming pool
St helens Everlast gym swimming pool

Course dates and times

All the below term dates are confirmed and will be taking place at Everlast gym pool in St Helens, between Warrington and Wigan. Swimming classes are 30 minutes & run consecutively in the time slots below. Children will go into the most appropriate class dependent upon your child’s age and experience.

Find the pool

Everlast Gyms St Helens Milverny, Ravenhead Retail Park, Milverny Way, , Saint Helens WA9 5EE
A cafe with seating is available for those looking for a quick bite to eat.
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About the pool

The pool at Everlast Gym St Helens Milverny is so warm and inviting, especially suited for babies and preschoolers. The pool boasts of gradual steps that make it ideal to introduce your child to swimming.
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Try for free

Book up for a course of lessons and if after your first class you decide it’s not for you we offer a full refund to all new customers.

It’s a chance for you to meet the team and enjoy a Splash, Kick and Swim the Baby Squids way.

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Baby Squids Wigan

These lessons are run by Baby Squids Wigan. Click here to find out about the Wigan team, other lessons they offer, and contact details.
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What everyone is saying

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We have such fun at our Baby Squids Wigan swimming lessons! We started when my daughter was four months old and she has made such progress in the past few months. She is calm and confident in the water and loves all the fun activities, songs and games we play in the water. Our instructor is so lovely and helpful and supports the babies through each activity. Nic takes photos throughout the sessions, as long as parents are happy with this, and sends them through quickly, leaving us with some really nice photos to remember these early sessions by. I could not recommend Baby Squids Wigan and St Helens enough! Melanie Newland – Wigan
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My son and I love the Wigan swimming sessions with Nic. My little one loves bath time and so signing up, I knew he would enjoy it. Prior to attending I sent Nic an email to ask about details on the class, lockers etc. and her support was above and beyond. My little one enjoyed splashing and chasing the ball; I could see him bloom. It felt great to be a part of the group and encourage my little one to be water confident. Nic was so lovely and just amazing at what she does, that I decided right after the first session to sign up for the next term. Also a great location, free parking spaces, spacious changing facilities as well as a lovely pool. I can only recommend Baby Squids Wigan. – Whitney Yankey, Wigan
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Baby squids swimming lessons are fantastic – my little one loved them and they really help his development- every week is different and has a theme which always linked in to baby’s development. I am so glad we took the lessons as my LO now loves the pool and he loved the lessons and Nic is a great teacher – really friendly – thank you baby squids 🙂
Zena Leigh-White, Leigh

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Our child-led approach is key to independence at their own pace.

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